Fisherman Catches A Lost Fishing Pole With A Stripped Bass On The Line… Reels The Fish In Too

Striper fishing

The elusive 2 for 1 catch, but instead of two fish, a fishing rod and an unexpected fish.

Striped bass are well loved sport fish that lives on the east coast. These beauties can grow up to 4 feet long and weigh up to 50 pounds. They are school fish and are often found in large groups.

They are a favorite of fisherman because they grow large, fight hard, and are perfect for a fish fry once you get the boat back to dry land.

Fishing is one of those things where even a bad day is generally good. But a good day fishing is better than nearly anything else. And I dare say, this had to be a good day fishing.

However, it didn’t start out that way…

Ben Kenneys, a disc golf YouTuber from Leicester, Massachusetts, was filming a fishing trip near Boston with Storm Chaser Charters when he captured one of the wildest fishing stories you’ll ever see. Earlier in the day, one of the guys dropped a rod in the water, and they just chalked it up to an unfortunate fishing expense… sh*t happens.

Later in the day, one of the guys hooks into something and ends up pulling up the lost fishing rod. I mean, what are the odds? But when they get ahold of the new rod there’s a striper attached to the end of that.

They start reeling and end up getting in a beauty fish FROM the rod they thought they would never see again. That’s a fishing story to remember, for sure… and you probably wouldn’t believe it without the video proof.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock