“That MF’er Made Me Quit” – Snoop Dogg Tells Mike Tyson How Willie Nelson Outsmoked Him On 4/20

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Snoop Dogg/BREALTV/Youtube

The friendship between Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg is one of those that may not make sense on the surface, but when you think about it, makes perfect sense.

Both guys are renowned artists in their own right, Willie still out there releasing new music at 90 years old (his most recent record being his 100th career album titled Bluegrass) and Snoop Dogg having been a staple of the rap and hip-hop community since his debut project Doggystyle back in 1993.

But apart from their immense talent, one thing will forever tie them together…


Willie Nelson has long been a proponent and user of the ganja and Snoop Dogg is rarely found without a blunt in his hands (including the Super Bowl Halftime Show in Los Angeles), and the two have teamed up on a number of songs, many weed themed, over the years, including “My Medicine” and “Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die”.

Obviously, pretty much everyone would love to be a fly on the wall for those nights when the two get to blazing, and while on Mike Tyson’s podcast a few years ago, Snoop let us in on the night he got to sit down with Willie solo and get to business.

The clip starts with Snoop asking Tyson if he had anyone who he wanted to smoke with that he didn’t yet, because Willie Nelson was that guy for him until the night of this story. Mike’s reaction to Snoop having smoked with Willie speaks volumes on just how iconic of a character Shotgun Willie is…

This is how Snoop tells it.

“I smoked with Willie Nelson and he made me quit… that motherf*cker made me quit… 

He was sitting at a table like this playing dominos, me and him, he was on one end, I was on one end. We had a joint, a blunt, vape, a bong, and a pipe. And it was just me and him. 

So we was playing dominos while we was passing it back and forth and it got a certain point where he was kicking my ass in dominos and I was getting to f*cking high, I was like “Man, Willie, ne need to get something to eat!” … 

And guess what? We was in Amsterdam and it was 4/20… It was a f*cking dream come true… And we was in a cheap ass hotel you wouldn’t believe, we was in a hotel that was so small but we didn’t give a f*ck, it was about us. It wasn’t about having a 5-star hotel, we was in like the Motel 6 or some sh*t. It was like real low budget. 

Then we ended up going to Kentucky Fried Chicken. It was just, it was the greatest experience of my life.”

Can you imagine being the workers at a KFC and seeing Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson come in red-eyed and starving? I mean, come on, that is incredible. The fact that Snoop calls a night with Willie Nelson the greatest experience of his life goes to show just how special a guy like Willie Nelson is.

There certainly will never be another.

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