Fisherman Pets A Baby Beaver As He Nets A Fish

Fisherman beaver

Straight out of a Disney movie…

Sometimes things happen in nature that you just can’t explain. That is what makes getting out there so great, or well, one of the many parts at least. The unexpected always happens out in nature, no matter what you think will happen when you get out there.

It’s the best way to make memories, have a great time, and just relax your whole mind and body.

Fishing is at the top of the list for things to do outside and make those memories. Just getting out by the water is all you really need. Water is home to so much life and scenery, leading to great opportunities, and they ever say that just looking at water is great for your mental health.

Whether or not you catch a fish, you still might see something cool as water bodies are home to all sorts of animals and birds like eagles, ducks, moose and beavers.

This man had himself a wild time while fishing. He is seen reeling in a fish and then a baby beaver swims right towards him.

“Baby beavers, catching fish. Ya, what’s up little guy?”

The many reaches out and gives the kit (the proper name for a baby beaver) a little pet.

Ya gotta love it.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock