Fantasy Football Player Offers A Trade For Christian McCaffrey That Includes Getting To Sleep With His Wife

Christian McCaffrey
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Fantasy football leagues can get intense.

Sure, they’re theoretically just for fun. But oftentimes players and leagues will throw in punishments or rewards to up the stakes – and let’s face it, guys just get competitive when they’re competing against their buddies, and it’s can ruin your day knowing you lost a close game to your degenerate friend who forgot to even set their lineup.

The punishment in one of my leagues this year is that whoever finishes last on the season has to busk on Broadway in downtown Nashville for three hours, so everybody in the league is extra motivated to stay out of the dreaded final spot in the standings (although two of my friends seem like they’re competing with each other for who can take the bottom spot…)

But so far nobody’s been desperate enough to offer a trade like this.

In a post on Reddit seeking advice on a fantasy football trade, a guy says that he got an offer to trade Christian McCaffrey, star running back for the San Francisco 49ers and one of the top fantasy players in the NFL, for Tony Pollard, the Dallas Cowboys running back who’s currently ranked #16 at his position on ESPN’s Fantasy Football app. (For reference, McCaffrey is the #1 ranked RB).

Seems like a no brainer, right? Why would anybody accept that trade? McCaffrey is currently averaging 25 fantasy points per game, while Pollard is averaging 14.

Well apparently the guy offering the trade realizes that he’s at a disadvantage, and would need to throw in something else to make it more appealing…so he offered to let his teammate sleep with his wife.

Just what is the punishment in this league? It must be absolutely brutal if he’s that desperate not to lose.

According to the original poster, he’s currently 7-1 and sitting pretty in the league, while the guy offering the trade is 3-5. And apparently the offer is tempting to the guy who posted about it, who admits he’s considering it because he’s “always fantasized about her.”

What the hell, dude?

He’s turning to Reddit for advice, asking whether it’s worth throwing away his opportunity win a championship in order to fulfill his fantasy of banging this guy’s wife, although it seems like a fantasy football subreddit’s probably not the place to get unbiased advice here because it’s probably full of dudes who haven’t even seen a woman since fantasy football started…back in 1997.

Either way, good luck to this guy for the rest of the season. Sounds like he’s going to be a winner no matter what he decides.

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