Buck Runs Through Wisconsin Restaurant & Sends Customers Running For Their Lives

Deer Wisconsin Noodles and CO
Noodles & Co.

Though this story will be a part of the “Outdoors Page,” all of the action with the deer in this video happens indoors. Those dining at a Noodles and Company in Beloit, Wisconsin got “dinner and a show” when a buck somehow made its way into the restaurant and sent people running for the exits.

Some people online have questioned why the people inside the Noodles and Company went running to the exits like their life depended on it, which is easy to do when you weren’t actually there.

I’ll admit that deer aren’t the most intimidating animals, but when a buck is inside a restaurant with you (and you know that’s not a normal thing), it is without a doubt a lot scarier than if you were to see one standing by the side of the road as you passed by.

A very orderly scene quickly became chaotic as people inside the building noticed the bang and clatter of the wild animal making its way into the restaurant, then swiftly galivanting through the eating area.

People scattered like an alien had just walked through the door, and make sure to keep an eye out for one person that stands up in their booth and simply points at the deer.

Funny enough, the buck makes a beeline towards the back kitchen area of the restaurant, almost making it seem like it knew exactly what it was doing. The deer then calmly exits through the back entrance of the establishment, spending a total of less than a minute in the building, yet causing quite the scene.

Take a look:

Was the buck just taking a short cut? Or trying to lose a predator that was trailing it? The world may never know.

Everyone on social media was loving the video and was acting tough in the reply section of the post. It’s really easy to say “I would’ve done such and such” when you weren’t facing down a buck in a Noodles and Company yourself:

Yeah, props to that guy for trying to “Harry Potter” his way out of the situation. I can only assume that’s what he was doing, and my guess is that it only didn’t work because he wasn’t equipped with his wand.

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