Brave Pit Bull Takes On An Entire Group Of Sea Lions On A Boat Dock

Sea lions and pitbull

Call it brave, or call it stupid, but even though this pit bull was outnumbered, it took the fight to a group of sea lions (which is apparently and strangely called a “raft”) laying on a boat dock.

And just to clarify, we are talking about the dog breed known as the pit bull. If you came into this article thinking you were going to see “Mr. Worldwide” put his hit-making self on the line, I hate to break your heart, but the “I Know You Want Me” singer is not featured in this video.

I’m glad we got that cleared up…

Anyways, pit bulls generally have the stereotype of being one of the more aggressive and dangerous dog breeds. I guess that could help explain why it had the urge to pick a fight with (at least) seven sea lions at once.

Though we don’t exactly know where this showdown took place, we do know the “zone” that it went down in: The Danger Zone. You can watch the footage yourself and decide who was more in danger between the pit bull and the mass of sea lions lazily sunbathing on the end of the dock.

The video starts out showing the pit bull analyzing the situation from a distance, and doing its best ninja-impression by staying out of sight behind one of the corners of the dock.

As for the sea lions, they are just resting and having a good time as they sit by the water, so I guess they aren’t much different than some of us “Lake Lifers.” One could argue that they were having a hell of a time soaking up rays before the pit bull came along and shook things up.

After taking a brief moment just observing from behind the corner, the pit bull finally put itself out in the open, and slowly creeps towards the group of marine mammals. Once it gets to the extension of the dock that the sea lions are on, it stops once again, though it’s clear that the sea lions are aware of the pit bull’s presence at this point.

One of the sea lions starts to bark to warn the others, which makes the entire group “wake up” and suddenly be on high alert. The camera pans and moves to show the pit bull directly facing the group, while also showing what can only be assumed to be the owner of the dog who is just standing there and letting it happen.

After the pit bull got into position and froze on the walkway of the dock, the barking of the sea lions (maybe the pit bull thought they were some weird looking dogs) subsided. The dog maintains its fighting stance for almost a full minute before sprinting right towards the sea lions and officially starting the fight.

The barking of the sea lions picks back up, and even turns into some weird, guttural sounds as they dove off the dock one by one and into the safety of the water. Sea lions are known to be territorial and aggressive too, so the pit bull got lucky that they decided not to fight back.

And luckily, the pit bull didn’t follow the sea lions into the water. Seven sea lions against one dog in the water certainly would not have ended well for the pit bull. Instead, the dog just stood at the end of the dock (presumably saying “this is my dock now”) as the sea lions barked away at it from the water.

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock