Bills New RB Leonard Fournette Is Loving The Weather In Buffalo: “Colder Than A Penguin A** Out Here”

Leonard Fournette
Buffalo Bills

Former standout running back Leonard Fournette has been patiently waiting for another shot in the NFL, and nine weeks into the season, the Buffalo Bills finally gave him a call.

Fournette played his college football at LSU, and then was drafted into the NFL by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Following a couple of respectable years, he then took his talents to Tampa Bay to play for the Buccaneers from 2020 to 2022, winning a Super Bowl with Tom Brady in 2021.

All of that just to say that Fournette has played a majority of his career in warmer climates. So when he found out he was joining the Bills up in Buffalo, New York, he was excited, but wasn’t exactly prepared for the brutal cold that comes with living in upstate New York.

The talented running back has only started practicing with the Bills, and he’s already struggling to get used to the colder climate. Fournette sent out a post on X to perfectly describe the harsh winter weather that’s common in Buffalo:

“No lie Buffalo (is) colder than a penguin ass out here lord…”

That’s one way of putting it…

When he showed up for his first day of practice, the former Tampa Bay Buccaneer decided to show off his toughness by bearing the cold weather with some very, very short shorts on.

I would guess this was his normal practice get-up when he was in Tampa, where it is, you know, relatively warm pretty much all of the time:

Media members that follow and cover the team noticed that Fournette had changed up his practice gear after he initially braved the cold.

Only two days after those pictures of above of “Lenny Shorty Shorts” were posted, the new Bills running back decided to add a couple of layers underneath his practice uniform, while still sporting his short shorts over the top:

If you’ve got to put layers on like that, it really must be as cold as a penguin ass up there in Buffalo…

Lesson learned:

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