Taylor Hunnicutt Highlights The Hardships Of Being In The Music Industry On New Track “Lucky Me”

Taylor Hunnicutt country music
Taylor Hunnicutt

Taylor Hunnicutt. Burn that name into your brain.

Earlier this year, we talked about how Alabama is making a case for producing some of country music’s finest right now, and Taylor Hunnicutt has a well-deserved spot on that list.

And the Queen of Alabama is proving why she is a force to be reckoned with on her newest track, “Lucky Me.”

Hunnicutt is known for her booming vocals (I mean, the girl can WAIL out some lines), but on this track, she takes a step back from her outlaw sound, sharing a stripped-back video that highlights the heavy-hitting message of the song.

Shot in the California desert by Sarah Bizanovich, Taylor Hunnicutt sings of the harsh reality of trying to make it in the music industry these days.

Through her raw storytelling, she still highlights her incredible vocal range but shows a softer, more vulnerable side with her lyrics.

“Every day, there’s a new breakout star on the rise
Payin’ dues don’t matter anymore
If the streams aren’t something that you can’t afford
A name on the plate at the table with all those other guys.”

Detailing what inspired the track while she was on tour (which recently wrapped) with fellow road warriors Mike and the Moonpies, Hunnicutt says:

“Being a small fish in the big pond that is this industry is hard, especially when you get off tour. You go from the constant bustle of playing every night for months to being back and watching your peers climb. It really feels like you’re fighting to stay relevant sometimes.
It’s frustrating to see the new kids pop into the scene that didn’t have to do the trial and error part of the road and booking shows themselves. They have support from the get-go, have the Spotify numbers, and don’t have to pay their dues.”

The song continues on about the struggles that come with questioning yourself as you try to chart out a career in the music industry:

“Well, lucky me, I’ve found myself another dead-end street
I’m so tired of losing sleep. Am I in too deep?
I’ve really done it this time.” 

“I sound like a jaded old lady, but I never wanted to be that artist. I wanted to be like American Aquarium or Moonpies, even Muscadine, Red Clay Strays or Rob Leines. Who grinded it out for years to get where they are.

And I’ll continue to do it that way because I believe the longevity is there. And the honesty in the songs you write about “being a road warrior” is apparent if you’ve really put in the work.”

The gritty rasp on her vocals lets the words cut deep, while the video of just her and the guitar perfectly complements the messaging.

Hunnicutt said that she felt all these emotions the day the video was shot, and you can feel it in each word that comes out of her mouth. Sometimes, the emotion-filled performances make for the best, and you can feel the hunger in her as she continues to hit the road, making her name known.

This one is a MUST listen to. Taylor Hunnicutt. Burn that name into your brain.

I can’t wait to see what else her debut album will hold; we will gladly take a release date announcement any day now.

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