Arizona Diamondbacks Fans Were So Bored In The World Series That They Started Throwing Paper Airplanes Onto The Field

Diamondbacks paper planes

In case you didn’t know, the culmination of the MLB season (the World Series) is happening right now between the Texas Rangers and the Arizona Diamondbacks.

A lot of pro baseball’s best teams got knocked out of the postseason early, and as team’s got sent home, it seems as though casual fans subsequently and simultaneously decided they were no longer interested in playoff baseball.

As of right now, this seven game championship series between the Rangers and the Diamondbacks (Rangers lead 3-1) is on pace to have the lowest viewership for a World Series ever:

Now I won’t bore you with the statistics of how this has become the least interesting World Series possibly ever, or how the MLB could change some things about their post season format that would help have their best teams go farther in the playoffs.

Instead, I’ll just continue to support the idea of how boring and uninteresting the World Series has been this year by pointing you towards something that happened at the game in Arizona the other night.

MLB analyst and baseball enthusiast Jeff Passan was in attendance and sent out this message during Game 4, when the Diamondbacks were getting blown out by the Rangers at home:

Can you really blame the fans at Chase Field? They had hope that their team was going to miraculously make a run to win the World Series, and that hope is slowly leaking out as they watched their team get dismantled by a short-handed Texas squad.

What better way to cheer yourself up than by constructing paper airplanes and seeing how far they can fly? The videos from inside the stadium certainly make it look like the paper airplane building/flying contest was way more exciting than the game that was happening on the field.

Take a look:

The crowd was absolutely loving it, and as if the Diamondbacks weren’t already sucking the joy and happiness out of the building, they made fans stop with the throwing of paper airplanes.

If I was there, I would’ve said “I’ll stop throwing paper airplanes when the Diamondbacks realize that they are playing in the World Series.” Just kidding, I would’ve crumbled and sunk into my chair as soon as the announcer asked everyone to stop.

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