Tennessee Couple Hosts Their Wedding Reception At Waffle House

Waffle house wedding
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When you go to Waffle House, what’s the first thing you think of?

Of course, the obvious choice is waffles, or another breakfast item that Waffle House has perfected (just give me the All-Star special).

Or your mind could go to the perpetually sticky floors and menus, or even the vibrant yellow light of the sign illuminating a parking lot fight between two Waffle House employees.

There are just too many wonderful things to really narrow it down, but one Tennessee couple walked into the beloved breakfast eatery and thought something no one else in the world ever has before: Waffle House would be the perfect place for a wedding reception.

Now that might sound like a stretch, but we’ve seen a lot of younger couples get creative with wedding stuff. There was even another Tennessee couple that had their engagement pictures taken outside of an Olive Garden, and let me tell you, they were beautiful.

And speaking of beautiful, I can’t think of a more perfect place to celebrate the beginning of your married life than a Waffle House. Eli Holbrook and Mary Cate Hedge got married on a family farm this past weekend after originally meeting in high school in 2016.

Though they briefly lost touch after high school, the two reconnected while Eli was serving in the Marines. Holbrook and Hedge talked on the phone every day while he finished up his service, and then decided to tie the knot a few years after he returned to Tennessee.

The Waffle House reception was apparently a surprise for Eli orchestrated by Mary Cate, since it is his favorite restaurant and she felt like she got more attention during the wedding and wedding planning process.

Needless to say, it looks like the surprise went over well, and the newlyweds surely rocked the jukebox of the Waffle House to celebrate the start of their lives together.

Check it out:

There’s no information that would lead us to believe that their vows were scattered, smothered, or covered, but they are definitely regular Waffle House All-Stars after this.

They’ve got each others love for the rest of their lives, so now someone needs to just hook them up with free Waffle House for life too…

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