SNL Nailed The Waffle House Experience With This Hilarious Skit

Waffle House

Looks like the writers at Saturday Night Live did a deep dive into all of the Waffle House lore in order to pull off this perfect skit.

The comedy show pulled off a hilarious juxtaposition of foreground and background scenes with this “Varsity Valley” skit.

It starts as a typical scene pulled from a Teen Drama, with host Jenna Ortega and cast member Marcello Hernandez discussing their future love as high school sweethearts outside of a yellow-illuminated Waffle House parking lot.

The focus quickly shifts to the windows behind them where all hell is breaking loose.

There is so much to unpack in the 3 minute skit. First of all, Ortega and her counterpart are delivering truly emotional dialogue, which helps to make the chaos unfolding inside the restaurant behind them that much more funny.

What is happening in the Waffle House exactly?

You’ll have to watch the skit to truly experience it all, but in chronological order:

– A customer throws a waffle at a Waffle House Server
– The customer body slams the server through a booth table
– A shirtless man breaks up the fight
– A dog is seen sitting on the counter of the restaurant
– A full on dance party breaks out on top of the counter
– The Waffle House server pushes a dancer off the bar
– A server and customer get in a verbal altercation with someone in a wheel chair
– The wheel chair goes flying without the person who was in it
– A Cop is called and enters into the Waffle House
– The Cop tasers the shirtless man, who then takes the taser charge and stuffs it down his pants
– A kid steals the cop’s gun and fires off shots into the ceiling
– A man breaks out of the bathroom holding a flaming toilet-paper torch
– Another heavy set shirtless man waltzes by with a cowboy hat on and a cigar in his mouth
– The original shirtless man hits the Waffle House cook in the back of the head with a frying pan
– The Waffle House cook throws that shirtless man through the iconic Waffle House windows

You know, just a typical Tuesday night for Waffle House right?

The biggest laugh from the skit comes at the end, as Ortega and Hernandez wrap up their heartfelt conversation about young love and their future together. Ortega’s apparent boyfriend in the skit asks her if she needs a ride home, and she say that it is okay, her Dad is giving driving her back.

Her dad happens to be the shirtless, tatted man who was just thrown through the window. He pops up, dusts himself off, and simply says “You ready to go baby girl?” as if getting thrown through a glass window is a rather common occurence.

The skit is full of laughs, and Saturday Night Live really hit the nail right on the head with clever short that taps into the chaos and beauty of the Waffle House experience. It might have hit a little too close to home for some of us.

Not sure if Waffle House will be using this as their next commercial, but I’m sure they will take the free publicity. Any pub is good pub, right?

The internet loved it by the way:

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A beer bottle on a dock