Bald Eagle Swoops Down And Steals Man’s Fish And His Rod

bald eagle fish nature

Now, that’s a fight most don’t get to have on their fly rod.

The things you get to experience when you are out in nature.

But I have to say it, there’s nothing worse than losing a nice fish. Even if it is in a cool way like this.

Bald eagles are one impressive predator. They soar high in the sky and swoop in out of nowhere to take out their prey. They are believed to have vision 5 times better than humans and can spot prey over 3 miles away.

Most of their diet is fish. If there is a large waterbody, there is probably an eagle around living off of the resource.

As amazing as it is to see an eagle at work, that doesn’t mean that any wants to get in the middle of it themselves.

I guess this eagle was having trouble getting his own food because he came to steal this fisherman’s.

A fisherman is seen fighting a fish as he stands in a boat. Then ut of nowhere an eagle grazes the water and takes off with his fish, with the line still attached.

The reel starts buzzing as he strips the line and then the rod plops out of the man’s hands at the end of the line.

“Oh, no! Oh, sh*t.

Oh, no!”

That’s a hard one, lose the fish and the rod.

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A beer bottle on a dock