Two Goats Miraculously Outrun A Black Bear In A Fenced-In Backyard

bear chasing goats

For a black bear, this should’ve been like shooting fish in a barrel.

Shoutout to security cameras for capturing these kinds of outdoor moments. What did we do before there was a camera pointing in basically every direction capturing video around the clock?

We wouldn’t have seen this crazy video of a man narrowly avoiding a moose attack, and we definitely wouldn’t have been able to see this remarkable backyard chase down. There’s a chance no one would have ever known that it even happened at all.

A person on TikTok posted a video showcasing their thankfulness that the goats they keep in their backyard were okay following a bear attack. The clip begins showing their two goats standing on their porch looking through the door’s window, and considering what they had just gone though, it’s likely they wanted to be “inside goats” from now on.

While the TikToker was gone (to the gym), a black bear made its way into the backyard area and was attempting to make a meal out of the goats. The security footage shows the two goats running in circles around the yard with the black bear in hot pursuit.

A black bear would usually have the speed and agility advantage over a couple of goats, but these must not have been your average, run-of-the-mill goats. We don’t know how they eventually shook the bear from their trail, though we do know that they made it through the high-stakes game of tag unscathed.

The TikTok was posted with the caption:

“POV: You come home from the gym and find out your goats outran a giant black bear while you were gone.”

Man, those goats were playing that whole situation pretty cool. They were just chilling on the porch after dancing with death, and the owner of the goats would have had no idea if not for their security footage.

Honestly, it’s a rather embarrassing showing by the black bear. You’ve got two goats contained in a small area and you can’t even get one of them down?

Either these goats are as elusive as it gets, or that bear has a long ways to go from being the apex predator that it’s advertised to be.

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