Alaskan Man Forced To Dive Into His Shed To Avoid Charging Bull Moose

Man hides from moose

Considering every wildlife video I’ve seen out of Alaska has this kind of vibe, I’m assuming that stuff like this is always happening there? That might be reckless of me to say, but I’m just going off of what I’ve seen. I just imagine that a regular Alaskan person has to fight a bear to get into their local grocery store.

This man, whose name is Curtis Phelps, almost had to clash with a bull moose, and only avoiding doing so because he heard the large antlered animal sneaking up on him.

Again, as I’ve been saying, this regular, mundane house chore of taking out the trash turned into a heart-pounding face off, only because it took place in Anchorage, Alaska.

Security camera footage shows a man in a sock toboggan shuffle out in the snow to a front yard shed with a couple of garbage bags. Phelps was probably putting the bags into the shed so animals wouldn’t get into it in the first place, but a lurking moose had a different idea.

Almost as if it was taken right out of a classic horror movie, the moose comes into the frame only when the man has made his way partially into the shed and is unaware of what’s behind him.

He gets the garbage put away, and is closing the doors to the shed when he noticed the towering bull moose aggressively walking towards him. Phelps pauses only for a moment before he said “not today” and returned back into the shed and begins to close the doors.

The massive moose charges the man with its antlers lowered, but slows down once it reaches the closed doors of the shed. After the moose realizes that it missed its chance to attack, it stands and looks around for a moment, then finally loses interest and moves on.

I’d venture to say that the Alaskan resident was counting his blessings after this close call, and I’d say it’s possible that afterwards he Googled “places to live where moose won’t try to jump you in your driveway.”

I would definitely explore moving after something like this…

The video, which has been viewed almost 15 million times on YouTube, has the caption:

“An Alaska man taking a sack of garbage to his shed on Saturday found himself briefly trapped by a bull moose.

A home security camera captured Curtis Phelps trapped inside the shed with the moose outside.”

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