Shania Twain Concert This Summer Caused $350k Worth Of Damage To Nashville’s GEODIS Park

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That don’t impress me much…

Earlier this summer, Shania Twain performed the first-ever concert at GEODIS Park, the 30,000-seat stadium built at the Nashville Fairgrounds and opened in 2022 which serves as home to Nashville SC soccer team.

The reviews from the concert were mixed, with some fans thrilled to see the Queen of Pop Country on her comeback Queen of Me World Tour, while other reviews called it “the worst concert I think I’ve ever been to.”

“Some of the things that happened were so questionable. And I hate that I’m making this video because I don’t want to sh*t on Shania, but like, it was the worst concert I think I’ve ever been to.”

Video from the concert shows Shania lip syncing, holding the mic away from her face as the pre-recorded vocals continue to play, as well as a show-ending performance of “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” featuring Tanya Tucker and Wynonna that a TikToker described as seemingly-disorganized and having to be restarted multiple times.

@sbeezindatrap Just a few of my takeaways from last night. I am still and will always be a Shania fan but Id be lying if i said last night wasnt a bit of a let down #shania #shaniatwain #nashville #kelseaballerini ♬ Man! I Feel Like A Woman! – Shania Twain

Well apparently it wasn’t just the fans who were disappointed with the show, but also the grounds crew at GEODIS Park when they saw the condition of the field after the show.

Nashville SC CEO Ian Ayre revealed during a Metro Sports Authority meeting this week that the show caused so much damage that the entire field had to be replaced, a project that ended up costing $350,000.

According to Ayre, the promoter of the concert was responsible for ensuring that the field was protected – and obviously failed:

“We tried to tell the promoter and other people about the integrity of the pitch and how it should be managed, and we ended up with the $350,000 replacement of the field.”

There have been two concerts at the stadium since that Shania show, featuring shows from Guns ‘N Roses and P!nk. But after the issues with the Shania concert, Nashville SC decided to handle maintenance of the field themselves instead of leaving it to the concert promoter. The result has been only $25,000 in damage from those two concerts combined.

Ayre says the lessons they’ve learned will allow the stadium to continue to host concerts as well as sporting events:

“Our primary goal is to offer both top-tier sporting experiences and memorable entertainment events. While we did face some initial challenges, they’ve informed and improved our strategies, and our recent concerts and events are a clear testament to how we were able to learn and evolve to ensure an outstanding experience for everyone involved.”

Sounds like the Shania concert is just the gift that keeps on giving…

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