NFL Insider Accidentally Says Raven’s Kicker Justin Tucker Is “Banging 60-Year-Olds”

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I’ll preface all of this by saying that no one is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes.

However, sometimes it’s good to make a mistake, because you get a hilarious video like this one. I would have probably never seen a clip of this NFL show if it weren’t for this horribly hilarious mix up.

This seems to be one of those classic “get your mind out of the gutter” moments. NFL media insider Tom Pelissero was breaking down this upcoming weekend’s game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Detroit Lions when he made a first-team, All-American mistake.

Pelissero was trying to reference the game that took place between the two teams last year which ended in chaotic fashion. Quarterback Lamar Jackson led his team down the field as the clock ticked down, and got his future hall of fame kicker Justin Tucker within field goal range, which for him was 66 yards.

Take a look:

Pretty impressive, and definitely worth noting if you were talking about this year’s rematch between the Lions and the Ravens.

That’s what Tom Pelissero was trying to do, but he accidently got some of words jumbled up, and ended up saying something NSFW.

Check it out:

“They need Jahmyr Gibbs to go out and make some plays against a non-conference opponent, but a really good team. One that… there’s still some of those ghosts of Justin Tucker banging a 60-year-old…ugh, 60 yard field goal off the cross bar and through to beat the Lions last year.”

I love that his co-host just drops his head into his hands to try and hold it together.

In Pelissero’s defense, “60-yard” and “60-year-old” sound a lot a like, and both start with the same number, but not in defense of Pelissero, one of them has something to do with football and the other does not.

Social media wasn’t giving the NFL insider a break, flooding the reply section below with all kinds of jokes:

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