Mighty Duck Fights Off A Fox To Protect Its Family

Duck fights fox

Score one for the underdogs ducks.

Fox aren’t know as the best predators in the wild, but they’re fully capable of taking out all sorts of birds, mice, and rabbits when their foraging fails.

We’ve seen a trapped one fight off a coyote and snatch a dove right out of the air, but we’ve also seen them scared off by house cats, so it’s really a mixed bag with these guys.

Still, if you were to ask me if a fox would be able to snag a duck for dinner, like this bobcat did, before watching this video, I’d have given you a cut and dry absolutely yes.

But nature proved me wrong yet again.

We don’t know where this video was taken, but it appears someone was driving down the road when they saw a fox trying to get at a duck family which was retreated into a small puddle of water.

One of the ducks realizes it has to act fast to save its family and goes on the attack, opening its wings wide and flapping them at the intruding fox. Foxes are able to swim if forced to, but will generally do whatever they can to avoid going in the water, and the combination of the little bit of water plus an angry territorial duck was too much for this red coat.

After a few meager attempts, it leaves with its bushy tail tucked between its legs and the ducks live to see another day.

Put one in the win column for the mighty ducks.

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