Red Fox Tries To Steal Food From A House Cat, But The Cat Had Other Ideas…

cat fights off fox
Neville Groom

At this point, we’ve seen countless examples of why nothing should mess with a cat.

Whether they’re grabbing owls, squaring up with bears, or attacking a flock of pigeons, you really just don’t know what they’re capable of until the opportunity presents itself.

Okay, this panther got the upper hand, but the size advantage was just too much to handle…

In this video, we see a domestic cat defending its food and territory from an invading red fox.

Now, I’m not sure exactly what this cat’s living situation is given the owners say its domestic but its food is outside, so it may be one of those hybrid situations where they let it run around but it comes home at night. Regardless, a security camera captured what went down when a wild animals decided to push its luck and try to get some easy food.

The fox enters the scene from the tree line and starts meandering around at a distance before slowly looping around to flank the cat, probably hoping to scare it off.

Its first attempt proved futile, as the cat pounced toward the unwanted visitor, chasing it around the yard, but the second try wasn’t a total waste. The fox was able to get a few bites in as the cat locks his eyes on it, lowers its body to the ground, and loads up to attack.

Again, the cat chases the fox around the yard to the tree line but the fox is persistent and loops around for one more go at it.

But this time there’s some tension in the air as the cat starts stalking the fox from a distance, measuring its approach as the fox gets close to the food. The fox, using that cunning brain, notices this and finally disappears for good, leaving the cat to finish its meal and feel proud that it defended the home front.

Well, cats don’t protect things like dogs so it probably only thought of itself, but still fun to imagine it went to battle for the good of the family.

I’ll say it again: Don’t mess with cats.

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