Lainey Wilson Teases New Song About Being Proud Of Her Down-Home Roots, “Country’s Cool Again”

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Lainey Wilson don’t miss.

She’s teasing a new tune over on Instagram seemingly titled “Country’s Cool Again,” which is a groovy, fun little tune about how she’s always been true to her roots and proud to be country.

Considering she put out her Bell Bottom Country album in 2022, it feels like this might be the beginning of some more music coming before the end of this year, and certainly in 2024.

She’s previously been teasing that she’s been writing love songs after going public with her boyfriend “Duck” Hodges, so hopefully, we’ll get to hear some of those soon too.

Anywho, you can check out the new one here:

“There must be something in the water…#CountrysCoolAgain 🤠😉.”

I think that “winking-eye” emoji says all we need to know, so stay tuned…

Lainey Wilson’s Goal Was To Make “People Raise Their Eyebrows” When Wearing Bell-Bottoms Became Her Signature Look

You never forget your first pair of bellbottoms… or something like that.

Of course, Lainey Wilson is the undisputed queen of rocking flared pants like nobody’s business, so much so that her mega viral butt has been all over the internet for the last year or so.

It first started with the video below, which features an absolutely perfect angle of her butt looking fantastic in a pair of leopard print bell bottoms:

And it’s spread like wildfire from there, with guys fawning over her and girls wishing they were so blessed in that area.

She’s taken it all in stride, poking fun at herself throughout tidal wave of attention, saying more than once that if it will ultimately point people to her music, she doesn’t care one bit.

And now, it’s become part of her signature look, but it all started with a pair of blue leopard print bell-bottoms she got when she was a kid.

In a recent interview with Audacy’s Katie & Company , Lainey recalled feeling “sassy” the first time she put them on, like she could do anything.

She remembered never wanting to take them off, thought eventually, her mom forced her to because they needed a good washing:

“They were blue leopard print. When I put those blue leopard print bellbottoms on I felt sassy, I felt like I could do anything.

I didn’t want to take them off, my mama at some point was like, ‘You gotta take ‘em off, we gotta wash ‘em’.”

And then, when she moved to Nashville in 2011 and started learning about the way the business side of music worked, Lainey realized she needed to make herself stand out, but in a way that was authentic to who she was, saying that the reality is “being a decent singer-songwriter as well as being a girl is not enough.”

Lainey put those bell-bottoms back on, and the rest, as they say, is history:

“2011 is when I moved to Nashville, after a few years of being in Nashville, I realized pretty quickly that just being a decent singer-songwriter as well as being a girl is not enough.

I realized I’ve got to do something that makes people raise their eyebrows a little bit… and for me, it was putting those bell-bottoms back on.”

It’s easy to say now, but that might’ve been the best marketing move she ever had, even though little did she know it could’ve turned into what it’s become… a phenomenon of sorts.

I mean, really… who else could pull this look off every single day?

Her goal was more than accomplished and eyebrows have certainly been raised… though not because she just has a great butt, but because she’s a truly talented musician with something to say and a story to tell.

Lainey Wilson Says Her Viral Butt Has Been “A Little Weird,” But She’s Taking The Dolly Parton Approach

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again…

If ya got it, flaunt it.

In a recent interview with radio station KMLE, Lainey hilariously told them that she doesn’t exactly know why people are just figuring out she has a great butt (my words, not hers), hilariously adding that it’s been back there for quite a while:

“Well, so before everybody like all of a sudden found out about my fat butt, years ago, like five years ago, somebody had actually started a Twitter account, so they beat everybody to it.

It was called ‘AssLainey.’ I’m like, I don’t know how y’all just realized I got a fat butt, I mean I can’t see it, it’s been back there a while…

I’m not shocked, if you literally get on TikTok and type in Lainey Wilson, the thing that pops up is ‘Lainey Wilson dumpy truck.’”

Most interestingly, she added that, while it was a bit strange to be “sexualized” by thousands of people on the internet that she’s never met before, she’s taking the Dolly Parton approach to it all… meaning, she’s gonna be “proud of it” and flaunt it:

“And I’m like, at the end of the day, if that’s what brought people to my music and they stuck around because of it, then to hell with it.

It’s a little weird in the beginning, being sexualized, but also I’m like, I have worked my fingers to the bone, I’ve been in Nashville for 12 years, and I’m  not gonna let it slow me down.

At the end of the day, we were talking about Dolly. I mean, she flaunts it. She’s proud of it.”

Amen to that, Lainey… you really can’t argue there.

And while I do understand that it’s probably flattering, yet simultaneously really weird, to have people looking at you in that way, it’s refreshing to see her turn around and use it as a positive, similar to that of her musical hero Dolly Parton and two of her most famous assets.

Turn it up:



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