Tucker Carlson Says The Success Of Billy Strings Gives Him Hope That Society Isn’t Moving Completely In The Wrong Direction

Billy Strings Tucker Carlson
Christopher Morley/ The Joe Rogan Experience

God bless Billy Strings.

A few weeks ago, longtime political commentator and former Fox News host, Tucker Carlson, made appearance on the popular Joe Rogan Experience podcast. During the long conversation, Tucker offered up praise, a number of different times, for none other than the modern-day king of bluegrass…. the great Billy Strings.

The two started talking about the Grateful Dead, and how Tucker spent some time following them around, which led to a broader conversation on music, jam bands, his love of bluegrass, and the state of art in general:

“I love rhythm, I think it’s the basis of music. Instruments are cool but they’re kind of interior design and the architecture is rhythm… it’s the universal sound that every culture appreciates because it reflects something that pre-existing, that’s in you… to this day, I love drums.

And then, while lamenting the current state of the arts, and the amount of censorship and politics that have infiltrated the arts, he said that it was encouraging to see a bluegrass act like Billy become a global superstar who can pack a venue:

“I like jam music, I like acoustic music, I love bluegrass… LOVE bluegrass and Americana, and to see that grow, to see Billy Strings become a venue packer, a BIG act right now… I do feel like creativity, art, has been completely destroyed and eliminated in the United States.

You can’t be creative if you’re not honest, and we can’t be honest so there’s no creativity. And then the visual arts and literature and architecture has died. But comedy is still alive, thank heaven, and music for some reason has escaped that.

And the growth of bluegrass and the banjo, one of the great instruments ever, is thrilling and sign of life at this late stage. You can get this view that everything is falling apart, late Rome… and then you see these signs that are significant.”

But despite the doom and gloom, Tucker says Billy Strings’ success still gives him hope:

“It’s one of the great developments… between podcasting and Billy Strings, I have hope that it’s not all going in the wrong direction.”

You heard it here… Billy Strings is saving the world.

If you haven’t already, witness the magic from his 2022 Lollapalooza set:

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