8-Year-Old Girl Needed Stitches After Eagle Tried To Pick Her Up & Fly Away

Golden eagle attacks little girl
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Nature is just insane. In places like Australia, just about everywhere you go, land, sea or air… something can kill you. Spiders, snakes, sharks… everything.

Go to the rainforest… same thing. Spiders, snakes, fish, bugs, jungle cats… it’s no place to be wandering around. But if you’re around Kyrgyzstan, you better keep your head on swivel… danger is lurking in the skies.

I’m talking about golden eagles. They might look like big birds, but they’re giant vicious dinosaurs that can fly.

According AKI Press, this 8 year old girl was attacked by a Golden Eagle at the southern shore of Lake Issyk-Ku.

Apparently, the girl was wandering around a restricted area, that was specifically designed to show off these massive hunting birds.

Ultimately she was ok, and just needed a few stitches, but the bird experts of the area said that the bird was not trying to hunt, and if it were, she wouldn’t have survived.

It’s one thing to keep an eye on your small dog or cat to protect them from birds of prey, it’s whole other story when you’re worried about your own neck.

And if you’ve ever seen a golden eagle hunt, they’re known to drag goats right off the side of a mountain.

It’s pretty gnarly.

Also, eagle hunting is actually pretty popular in this corner of the world.

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Eagle Makes Flying Off With A Fox Look Easy

A simple but awe inspiring video.

Golden eagles just might be the most badass bird on the planet. Even larger than bald eagles, they’re the largest bird of prey in North America and one of the biggest on the planet.

Golden eagles are such strong predators that videos of the birds snatching children, hunting wild boars, and dragging goats off cliffs have all generated buzz online.

Earlier this spring, the state of Wyoming even recently approved plans to relocate a group of the birds that have been eating sheep on ranches.

Despite being voracious hunters, golden eagles are also fantastic parents.

Mother and father birds both take turns defending the nest, incubating the eggs, hunting for food, and feeding the chicks. Golden eagles also build some of the biggest nests in the bird world, often times 5-6 feet wide and 2 feet tall.

The largest golden eagle nest on record was an astonishing 20 feet tall and 8.5 feet wide.

The raw power and sheer size of the species is on full display.

The big bird just grabs that fox, holds onto it tight, and flies off into the mountain mist, most likely to go feed a big nest full of some baby eagles.

Nature, man… it’s WILD.

Bald Eagle Drags Fish To Shore In Wisconsin Lake

Bald Eagles might be one of the most fascinating predators you can see in the wild.

Soaring high above everything, the powerful symbol of strength and freedom for entire country, I mean, it’s as majestic as a bird can be.

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to witness one hunting, you understand. They soar or perch high above, using incredible eye-sight, they swoop in and grab anything that is the target.

Their precision is simply amazing.

One of the only things that does not disappoint you when they out fish you, that’s for sure.

This video from Hayward, Wisconsin, shows something that I have heard stories of, but never have witnessed. A bald eagle gets a catch out of the water that is too big and fighting too much for it to take back off. Using it’s wings it beats its way through the water towards shore.

“Look at that big ass fish”

The eagle pulls up what looks like a large carp, and it’s easy to see why it struggled to fly and had to swim to shore. It was a large enough to feed more than this one eagle.

Hats off to the people who caught this on video, a once in a lifetime experience no doubt.

Here’s more the from the folks behind the camera:

“We were staying in a cabin in Hayward Wisconsin on the Chippewa Flowage. We were sitting in the living room with a view of the lake and noticed an eagle swimming towards our beach.

At first, I thought it was hurt but then it swam to shore with a 20-ound carp in its talons. It sat on the shore and ate the fish for a couple of hours and then came back in the morning and finished eating the Carp.

It was truly an amazing sight to see! I’m glad I was to capture it on film for others to enjoy.”

It never ceases to amaze the things wildlife do.

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