Hall Of Fame Florida Man Takes Gator On A Beer Run – “Store Sells Some Good Liquor, & I Drank A Lot Of It”

Florida Man
CBS News Miami

A First Team All-Florida Man hall of famer.

Alligators are a wild predator that has been around for ages. They look prehistoric because they are… the species has survived through a lot. They are able creatures that hunt for living and have one of the strongest bites in the world.

The are plentiful in Florida, occupying every crevasse that holds water and has something to eat, even swimming pools. These beasts can reach 1,000 pounds, but are deadly well before getting that big.

How do the people that live around these creatures handle them? Well, in Florida, they take them on a beer run.

This legendary viral video video captured an incredible drunk man running through a convenience store looking for beer while he strangles the gator that he brought in with him.

The best part is they interview him afterwards and he doesn’t remember a thing.

“This store sells some good liquor and I drank a lot of it that night”

The video shows the man holding onto the gator as he runs through the store and into the beer fridge.

He can’t remember where he got it or anything at all.

“I don’t even remember coming up here. They told me what I did was stupid, and I’ll be facing some charges here soon. I’ll probably go to jail, probably not.”

That is one drunk one who doesn’t seem to really regret it…

But hey, that’s just another Florida man.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock