Cannabis Shop Worker Fights Off Robbers With A Bong, Dodges Bear Spray & Recycling Can


This man needs a raise and a big old bong rip.

For my money, there’s few better videos on the internet than a shop worked thwarting a robbery attempt.

Sure, there’s plenty of people, for good reason, that say you shouldn’t get involved, just let them get in and out with no one getting hurt, but there’s something to be said about someone making a stand and saying no, you absolutely cannot just march in here and take whatever you want with no consequences.

We loved the commentary this onlooker provided when two store owners beat the tar out of a man stealing cigarettes and who didn’t fall in love with the granny who unmasked a shoplifter because it’s “about time you got caught”?

Well, I just came across another video that’s just as funny as it is heroic.

According to Mashable, this took place in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, Canada and security camera captured the whole thing.

Three masked and hooded robbers burst into the headshop and began using bear spray to try and disarm the shopkeepers. Given we’ve seen it stop a prowling cougar in its tracks, it was a smart idea by the would be thieves, but little did they know they were about to meet the most badass pothead of all-time.

The worker ducks below the counter to avoid direct contact with the spray and grabs a big ole glass bong, which he proceeds to wave like a knight’s sword at the robbers as they yell at him to get down. The three guys are absolutely stunned that they’re getting any resistance and don’t know how to react.

The worker even gives them the “what the hell are you even doing?” shrug before easily dodging a recycling can that got thrown at him. Eventually, the thieves run away with their tails tucked between their legs and he’s able to close and lock the door to protect the goods and the other female worker.

What a dude.

Big time shoutout to this guy, I hope he got quite a raise and a few well earned days off to kick back with some Pink Floyd and enjoy the spoils of his labor.

Next time anyone out there wants to rob a store, make sure this bong-wielding badass isn’t working the counter, because you’re liable to get smacked upside the head.

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A beer bottle on a dock