Customer Provides Hilarious Commentary As Store Owners Beat The Tar Out Of Masked Robber: “That’s Called Whoopin’ Your A**”


Justice has been served.

There’s nothing more infuriating than watching videos of shoplifters destroying a store and making off with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise, but it’s especially hard to watch when it’s a small mom and pop shop that’s worked hard for years to have a business and are more or less forced to step aside, let the criminals wreak havoc, and hope that they picked the right insurance policy to cover the damages and lost product.

But as awful as it is to watch a store get robbed, it is SO satisfying to see the criminal get a bit of justice.

There’s no details on where this particular incident occurred, but the video starts with a masked man behind the counter of the store pulling all of the cigarettes and other shelved products into an empty trash can, which he was going to use to carry the loot away.

A bystander is filming the entire encounter, and hilariously asks the robber for a Swisher as he’s emptying out the shelves.

He also tries to keep the situation from escalating by saying to just let the guy go, call the police, and file an insurance claim. And at first, it seems like this is what the two store owners are going to do, but as the robber tries to make his getaway, he turns his back for just a second, which allows one of the men to step in and wrestle him to the ground.

The other owner grabs a nearby stick and begins mercilessly whacking the guy’s legs and rear end as the first pins him to the ground. It looks like he must train jiu-jitsu or do some other grappling as he was using very good wrist control and knee-on-belly, if I do say so myself.

Maybe the funniest part was the guy filming changing his tune from “just let him go” to something along the lines of “Hell yeah, whoop his ass!”

“Whoopin’ his ass now. That’s called whoopin’ your ass!”

This is where the clip ends and I assume they held him down until the cops were able to arrive and haul him off to jail.

Love it when owners defend their property, and other than a few good bruises, they didn’t inflict any serious damage to the man, meaning they should (hopefully) be off the hook on any charges themself.

How about we all just agree to stop robbing stores, does that sound like a viable choice we can all make?

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