Bad*ss Granny Rips Mask Off Grocery Store Shoplifter: “F*ck Off, A**hole… About Time You Got Caught”

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Growing up, there may be nothing scarier than when grandma strikes the fear of God in your eyes after getting in trouble.

Needless to say, grandmas can be the sweetest people on this planet, but they can also get a little feisty if they wanna be…

ESPECIALLY after she’s been at the grocery store for four hours trying to sort out which newspaper coupons are worth using.

And if somebody crosses her for that last pineapple cup on the fruit aisle… it’s game over.

For this specific shoplifter in Canada, he crossed ol’ grandma on the wrong day.

A dude was trying to walk out of the grocery store with a buggy full of just about any item you can imagine, until the guy recording confronted him about it.

Sure enough, the shoplifter still continued to try and escape, until he ran into a fierce grandma at the door…

The dude recording gave the rundown :

“I was recording this alleged shoplifter attempt to walk out of a Walmart with a cart full of stuff and this nice little old lady got in the way just as I grabbed his cart.

Before anyone could react she’d decided she’d had enough with the chronic shoplifting and unmasked the bandit in record time.

A tug of war for the cart-full of items followed and he ended up leaving it behind.”

DAMN… granny don’t play.

She ripped the guys mask off and everything, and sent him back home empty handed with his tail tucked between his legs.

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