South Carolina Head Coach Shane Beamer Broke His Foot Kicking Something In Frustration After Florida Loss

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Anger can often get the best of us, and it certainly put South Carolina head coach Shane Beamer in a bad spot.

Following a brutal 41 to 39 loss to the Florida Gators, Beamer was beside himself, and ended up taking out some pent-up anger by kicking – well, something hard enough to break his foot.

In doing so, he ended up sustaining an injury. Injuries in football are usually viewed as “part of the sport,” but it’s not everyday that a head coach has to get up in front of the media and include himself on the injury report.

Beamer was asked about a noticeable limp that he had walking up to the podium, and he responded:

“I might as well say it now cause y’all are gonna ask. On Saturday after the game I broke my foot on Saturday, so I’d rather just get it out there and say it and not have you all speculating and then after the game on Saturday in Missouri, you ask.”

The head coach went on to say that he called the university’s athletic director to make sure it was okay to announce it, and that the AD apparently “died laughing” at the situation.

Seems like everyone is in good spirits for a football team that currently has a record of 2 wins and 4 losses…

Beamer went on to describe when the broken bone occured, and made sure to address some narratives that he didn’t want to get out there:

“It was after the game, and certainly that was a gut wrenching, emotional loss, and I was frustrated and I kicked something that I shouldn’t have kicked.

I thought I was okay, but the adrenaline of the game wore off. Before anybody starts the narrative like ‘the head football coach is frustrated and lost his poise’ and all that, no, I care.”

Classic football coach answer. Breaking his foot in the best interest of the kids.

He continued:

“I care about these kids and I was really upset on Saturday night because I didn’t do enough to help them get over the hump and win the football game.

So, I don’t think I have to have surgery, but there is a broken bone in my foot, it hurts like you know what, but I’ve got to show toughness and fight through. It’s been one of those years.”

It has been one of those years for Shane Beamer and the South Carolina Gamecocks. Let’s just hope that he doesn’t have to deal with a broken foot and a job search by the end of the season.

You can take a look at his press conference announcing his injury below:

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