Alaska State Troopers Rescue Two Bucks Trapped In Freezing Waters

deer rescued from water
Alaska State Troopers

Not all heroes wear capes.

If you fall into, or are trapped in freezing waters, the chances of you surviving aren’t very high unless you have someone nearby to rescue you.

And these two deer were lucky to be discovered by two Alaska State Troopers.

It all went down on Clarence Strait, when a spike and a button buck were located by the state troopers four miles offshore, stranded in the freezing waters.

In the footage, you can see the spike swimming directly towards the boat, obviously in need of help.

The video then cuts to the two deer sitting on the boat, shivering from dangerously cold waters.

You can hear one of the troopers say in the video:

“He didn’t fight us too hard when we got him on, he swam right to the swim step…

I’m soaking wet, but we got them off the boat and on shore. I think as they move, the blood will start moving again. I had to pick them up and bear hug them to get them onto the beach.”

Once they got there, the two bucks began shaking the water off them to dry off, and then took off into the woods.

Although deer are normally very skittish when it comes to human interaction, it’s easy to see that these two creatures were willing to do whatever they could to get out of the freezing waters in Clarence Strait.

Check it out:


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