Two Men Save Red Deer Stag From Drowning In A Well, Pull It Out By Its Antlers

Two men rescue red deer
Viral Hog

The trope of someone or something falling into a well and needing to be rescued actually played out in a real life recently in Mexico.

Of all the things that you can fall in (I’m thinking quicksand, manure, love), falling into a well has to be pretty high up on the list of bad situations. Not only would you be falling a good distance, you would then be left to tread water until someone throws a rope down to save your ass.

Though it wasn’t a person that fell into this well in this viral video, it still featured all of the things necessary for making a good story about a well rescue. What might be on a “good well story” checklist? Well… (pun intended)

-There must be an uncovered well that poses a threat to unsuspecting passersby

-A passerby must fall into the water, and then be distressed

-Others come in to save the day and pull the distressed person/animal from the well

Lucky for these two guys that were walking by and noticed that a red stag was treading water and needed saving, the well that the deer had fallen in wasn’t that deep.

That allowed for the guys to showcase their strength and lift the deer to safety by grasping its antlers and pulling with all of their might. I guess if the deer was a doe, things would have been a touch more difficult…

At first, only the man in the blue shirt was attempting to lift the red stag out of the water, but it quickly became apparent that it wasn’t a one person job.

That’s when khaki pants man (no, it wasn’t Jake from State Farm) jumped in to help, and even with both of them pulling on the antlers of the deer together, removing the animal from the well was still proving to be a tall task.

Finally, the two guys get on the same page with their yanking and get the buck pulled up onto dry land, and I do have to point out that the deer wasn’t doing them any favors. They were basically pulling dead weight, even though the red stag was still alive.

After the buck is pulled all the way out of the well, the animal just lays on its side, presumably exhausted from treading water for a long period of time. It’s only when the men go back over and help it up by the antlers again that the deer runs off, and everyone near the well cheers as they celebrate saving its life.

Red deer are not native to Mexico, so it’s rather bizarre to find one in the wild. However, much like Texas, Mexico has its fair share of high fence hunting ranches and this stag most likely escaped from one. Imagine driving the road in Texas and seeing a Nubian ibex walking down the road. You’d probably be wondering where the hell that came from… same kind of thing, here.

“One day watching the rut, we found this deer trapped. We did not hesitate at any time to help him and get him out, it was an unforgettable day.”

And as I often do here at Whiskey Riff, I have to relate this story to The Simpsons.

When they aren’t scarily predicting the future, they are covering basically every topic known to man, which is why there’s a perfect clip from the long-running cartoon sitcom about something being stuck in a well:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock