Luke Bryan & His Sons Bagged Some MONSTER Elk In Colorado

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Luke Bryan

I can imagine that life on the road for musicians can get pretty exhausting, going from city to city while touring across the country.

So, you already know artists are always finding ways to wind down when they aren’t on the road, just to get their minds off things for awhile.

And recently, Luke Bryan spent his time away from the road the best way he knew how…

By going out to Colorado with his sons to bag some MASSIVE elk just in time for the end of season.

Bryan took to Instagram to show off a ginormous elk he took down while bow hunting in Colorado. He shared in the caption:

“Nothing like a trip out to Colorado with my boys to close out elk season”

Even Bryan’s fellow country stars couldn’t help but congratulate him.

Riley Green said:

“atta boy”

Jon Langston added:

“Gaaaahhh dang this is awesome. What a giant

That’s the dream right there”

Bryan’s sons also bagged themselves a giant as well, as they’re featured in the collage. They also spent a little time fishing while out there as well.

Needless to say, Bryan and his sons were living every elk hunter’s dream out in Colorado.

Check it out:

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