Justin Verlander Delivers All-Time Great Speech After Astros Win Divisional Series: “I Wasn’t Even F*cking Here!”

Justin Verlander
Houston Astros

Yesterday, the Houston Astros took down the Minnesota Twins to punch their ticket to the American League Championship Series. It was in pretty dominant fashion, as the Astros won the best of five series 3-1.

And of course, what better way to cap off the night than a victory speech from your veteran, future Hall of Fame pitcher Justin Verlander? Well, the only problem is that Verlander spent the majority of the season in the failed experiment that was the New York Mets, until he was traded to the Astros back in August.

So, during the victory speech, Verlander was sure to acknowledge that fact in hilarious fashion.

He was seen in the locker room saying:

“This is one of those seasons nothing went our f*cking way early. We battled through injuries.

We f*cking grinded, I wasn’t even f*cking here, but I’m happy to be back for seventh f*cking time. Seventh f*cking time, don’t take that for granted. On seven, and we’ll pop these motherf*ckers.”

I’d say that’s living right if you ask me. Spend basically a whole season with a terrible team, and get traded to a great team and be apart of a squad that makes it to the ALCS.

He’s like that beer league buddy you have that’s 5 years older than everybody else on the team and still lives in town. You all go off to college every year, but when you come back for the summer and get the boys back together for a little slow-pitch softball, he’s still hanging around. He’s not the best anymore, but he brings the beers, shows up half in the bag, and he’s the funniest mf’er on the team.

Also, I think we need to check with Guinness Book of World Records to see if Verlander broke the record for most times saying “f*ck” in a speech.

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock