Ward Davis Jokes About Jason Isbell Saying That Oliver Anthony Should Have “Thrown Out” His Hit Song: “Better Go Dig Ditches With Morgan Wallen”

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I guess Oliver Anthony has to hang it up now.

If you missed it yesterday, Jason Isbell had some harsh words for the newcomer and his hit song “Rich Men North of Richmond” in an interview with the LA Times.

Of course the song is massively popular, with over 80 million views on the original video and 85 million streams on Spotify alone.

But Isbell apparently thinks the song should have just been thrown out:

“Buddy, there’s a reason you just don’t jump in the f*cking pool.

There’s something there. But that’s the song you should have written when you were 16, and then, when you were 19, you should have rewritten it without the part about hating people on welfare.

And then when you are 20 you throw the whole thing out and write another song.”

Of course Isbell is a highly-respected songwriter, and undoubtedly one of the best. But saying that a song that’s resonated with that many people shouldn’t have seen the light of day is…a take, I guess.

Well Ward Davis, who’s an insanely talented singer and songwriter in his own right, poked fun at the controversy – and the idea that Jason Isbell gets to decide what songs should and shouldn’t be recorded – in a Facebook post:

“Well, it’s all over for Oliver Anthony. Jason Isbell hates his song. Sorry, Oliver. Better go dig ditches with Morgan Wallen.”

And Davis further clarified his stance in the comments, saying that he’s not a fan of Isbell taking shots at up-and-coming artists like Oliver Anthony (whose real name is Christopher Anthony Lunsford).

“It bugs me that someone who’s had a ton of success is kicking a guy that hasn’t. It’s ironic though. The establishment, keeping the working man down. But also, he ain’t doing nothing but making OA fans dig in harder, so he gets to give his two cents, and Chris’ farm gets bigger. Win win.”

Davis also recently announced that he would be opening for Oliver Anthony at an upcoming show, after Anthony reached out as a fan and asked him to join the lineup:

“I’m doing a show next week opening for Oliver Anthony.

It isn’t a favor, but I was asked by a mutual friend if I would, and that the show was already sold out. Oliver Anthony didnt need me on the bill. He’s a fan of my music, and wanted me there. He wanted 3000 Oliver Anthony fans to meet Ward Davis.

That’s a gift to a stranger from a guy who genuinely doesn’t feel like he deserves the attention he’s getting, and that says a lot about him.

I love what the guy is doing, and love to see a great song do what that song has done speaking to people. I love that he asked that I open the show. Love. I can’t wait. It’s gonna be a f*cking blast. So, Kiss my a*s.”

Whether it’s in his songwriting or on social media, Ward Davis always has a way with words, and I love it.

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