Former NFL Player Sergio Brown Arrested In Connection With Murder Of His Mother

Sergio Brown
Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

The news surrounding former NFL Safety Sergio Brown continues to spiral into a truly tragic story.

Last month, Brown’s mother Myrtle Brown was reported missing after family members could not contact her and were unaware of her whereabouts. Authorities responded to her suburban Chicago home, and after searching the area surrounding her property, they discovered her body near a creek in a wooded area behind the house.

Family members also told the police that they had been unable to contact Sergio Brown, which immediately raised some red flags. It was only when the former NFL player started posting to his social media accounts that authorities were able to find out where he was located.

Brown was apparently vacationing in Mexico and began posting strange clips to his Instagram account (some of which he has deleted). Those videos have been concerning as well, with Sergio appearing to be mentally impaired, or at the very least, not all there.

Here’s one where he was referencing the children’s movie Finding Nemo (I’m sure Pixar would have preferred to stay out of this one):

And here’s another where he alleged that an FBI kidnapping took place, and that explained why his mother was missing:

It doesn’t take an criminal investigator to connect the dots with some of this stuff, and it should be no surprise that Sergio Brown was quickly considered a suspect in his mother’s death. That’s why the former NFL Safety was taken into custody yesterday after being deported from Mexico, where he was still located.

US Law Enforcement took him into custody near the San Diego area, and were able to do so thanks to the warrant that was out for his arrest in Illinois.

With his mother Myrtle Brown’s death presumed to be a homicide, and all of the other evidence mounting against him, it appears that Sergio is being considered a prime suspect.

Brown, now 35-years-old, played in the NFL for seven seasons and suited up for the Patriots, Colts, Jaguars, and Bills.

His NFL playing days have been over since 2016, and it now appears that his life could be taking a terrible turn as he’s investigated for the murder of his mother.

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