Osprey Fully Submerged In Water Majestically Emerges With A Fish In Its Talons

osprey fish

Nature is incredible, unless you ask this fish. It would probably say that it isn’t all that great…

It must be terrifying to be a fish. You’ve got things trying to eat you from all walks (and swims) of life.

Other bigger fish are trying to eat fish, humans are often trying to pull fish out of the water with a hook to cook and eat them, and birds are always looking to swoop in out of the sky to snatch a fish right up.

In this case, we’ve got the latter of those three options being the case for this poor fish. This one had to be extra terrifying for the fish considering that it looked like the osprey that attacked it was fully submerged in the water.

Ospreys are a large birds that are nicknamed sea hawks, river hawks or fish hawks

My favorite of those three is the sea hawk, only because I’m an NFL fan and the team in Seattle has one of the cooler mascots in the game, in my humble opinion.

With this video though, calling the osprey a fish hawk would probably be more appropriate. This species of bird can live in a number of different habitats, but one thing stays consistent amongst all of them: they eat fish like nobody’s business.

Ospreys are pretty much built to catch fish. The talons that they possess are specialized, being rounded rather than grooved, which helps for the fish hawk to more easily pick up slippery fish.

And because they are built to catch fish, it should be no surprise that their diet is 99% piscivorous, meaning that they almost exclusively eat fish.

We know that this one in the video below is eating a fish, and is damn good at catching them too. I’ve seen plenty of videos of big birds swooping down and catching fish while they skim above the water, but I’ve never seen a bird do this.

This osprey was fully submerged in the water, and after it grasps a fish with its talons, it starts to emerge from the waves. The clip allows for the characteristics of majestic and badass to come together at a crossroads, which is why I’m guessing someone overlayed the video with intense music.

Take a look:

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A beer bottle on a dock