Old Clip Of Larry The Cable Guy Explaining His Fake Accent Goes Viral, & Once Again, People Are Stunned

Larry The Cable Guy
Graham Bensinger

Hate to bust anyone’s bubble today, but in case you were not aware, Larry the Cable Guy is a just character.

Yep, you read that right. His name isn’t Larry, that accent is completely fake, and while most die hard comedy fans know, some are just finding out that Dan Whitney is the real name behind the beloved character Larry the Cable Guy.

Now, for those readers who may not be as familiar with Larry the Cable Guy, here is a compilation of some of the best of his acts.

The good ol’ American redneck persona never misses:

While Whitney has never been one for hiding his persona, anytime clips resurface of him chatting about it, the internet always loses his mind.

In 2017, Whitney sat down with Graham Bensinger for a podcast episode, breaking down his various character accents. While “Larry the Cable Guy” is his most famed character, Whitney has a lot of other characters (and accents under his sleeve).

While the podcast has been out for six years, a few clips have resurfaced on TikTok, blowing the minds of younger generations.

During the episode, Bensinger touches on how impressive his accent abilities are, asking “The Cable Guy” how easy it is for him to slide in and out of the voice-dominated character.

“I can get into it easily…I’m like a linguist chameleon. I mean, I’ll get to Wisconsin, and I’ll hang out with my cousin, and next thing you know, two days later, I’m talking like I’m from Sarona, Wisconsin.”

He explains as a thick midwestern accent presents itself.

He then goes on to talk about his famed southern accent and how it comes from hanging out with horse and cattle people. While he is from Nebraska, and there are plenty of cowpokes out there, he claims that accent really kicked in for him to pick up while he lived in Florida.

“But when I moved to Florida is when I got it because I was a country kid living in the country… loved livestock. And I gravitated towards all of the horse people, all the livestock people when I moved to Florida.”

@grahambensinger Larry the Cable Guy has more than one accent?!? 😱 #larrythecableguy #comedy #comedian #funny ♬ original sound – Graham Bensinger

While Larry the Cable Guy is chalked up quite a bit to highlight the southern twang and backwoods way of living, Whitney does have a little twang on him during his day-to-day talking.

While maybe not as prominent as when he is in character, at least you can feel a little more comforted knowing that Whitney isn’t British or something far off like that, whipping out that thick accent.

Check out the full podcast episode while you’re here.

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