“Larry the Cable Guy” Is A Character, NOT A Real Person, And People Are Shook

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I hate to break the news to some of you (if you live under a rock), but “Larry the Cable Guy” is a character.

A “character” as in he is not a real person.

Take a moment, breathe in, breathe out.

I have to be honest, I only discovered this within the last few years, but a Joe Rogan podcast from 2019 with Ron White touched on this subject and got into the man behind the “Cable Guy” persona.

Rogan first met “Larry The Cable Guy” (real name Dan Whitney) in 1992, complimenting his stand-up and timing, but also adding that he “couldn’t be a nicer guy.”

Ron White and Dan are obviously close friends from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour days and said “…I’ve seen him just beat crowds to death, and he totally paid his dues.”

Check out The Origins of Larry The Cable Guy below.

Born Daniel Lawrence Whitney, and hailing from Nebraska (where he still lives),  “Larry The Cable Guy” got his start decades ago when he performed a quick one-joke segment on a radio show.

He still lives in Nebraska, but his hardcore Southern accent is not real, folks. In the interview below he talks about his character with his normal voice so brace yourselves – it might turn your brain into a pretzel.

Do some quick social media searches and you realize that a ton of people still think “The Cable Guy” is a real person.

Here’s Dan Whitney (“Larry”) talking about his character.

Also, Larry The Cable Guy = BIG Jelly Roll Guy

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