Miranda Lambert & Chris Stapleton Co-Wrote A Song Called “Somebody Winds Up Pregnant,” And I Wish They’d Release It

Miranda Lambert Chris Stapleton
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I don’t even really know what this means…

All I know is that I need to hear it.

Chris Stapleton and Miranda Lambert have a song registered to BMI (a massive company that handles licensing and royalties for songwriters) called “Somebody Winds Up Pregnant”… and I don’t think I’ve been so intrigued with a song title or pair of writers in a long time:

BMI listing

Typically, this wouldn’t be much to write home about, because artists and writers are constantly registering songs for many different reasons. Some of them never even see the light of day, or they wind up on an album for someone else, but this one has my attention.

I mean, Chris and Miranda co-writing a tune with a title like that? It already has the potential for country music ballad of the year based on those facts alone.

Now last year, we know Miranda dropped a new record, Palomino, and Chris is gearing up to release a new album Higher later this year (and it’s not on it), so who knows if and when we’ll ever hear this one or if they’ll sing it together, but here’s hoping we do.

I can’t even imagine that much country talent on a song together… I think they just might be the duo we never knew we needed.

Chris and Miranda performed “Maggie’s Song” together at the 2021 ACM Awards:

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