Luke Bryan Wishes His Mom Happy Birthday: “Beer, Cigarette & Fishing Money Coming Soon”

Luke Bryan country music
Luke Bryan

Country music singer Luke Bryan knows that you can’t forget about a parent’s birthday, no matter how famous you get, and also knows that his mother LeClaire can take a joke.

If you didn’t know, Bryan’s mother LeClaire has garnered quite the social media following, and is a great follow on Instagram and TikTok.

Known for rippin’ darts, drinking beers and pulling pranks, she seems to really be embracing her fame online, and has a great sense of humor herself:

I guess we know where Luke Bryan gets his comedic timing…

Bryan took to X (formerly Twitter) to wish his mom a Happy Birthday, and though it was sweet to do so, I wonder if his mother is a fan of the message that came with the post.

Luke decided to slip in a joke with the post honoring his mom, thought now that I think about it, maybe he’s being serious?

Bryan said:

“Happy birthday Mama. I love you. Beer, cigarette, and fishing money coming soon. Haha.”

Considering that Bryan used the picture of LeClaire holding up a bass, the “fishing money” part is probably accurate.

Everyone on social media wasn’t worried about all of that though. They were just focused in on joining Luke in wishing his charismatic mother the happiest of birthdays:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock