Football Fans Are Trolling Iowa State’s Retro Uniforms That Make Players Look Pantless

Iowa State college football
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Maybe screen testing should be added as a requirement for football uniform selections…

After another weekend of college football upsets, wins, and losses, fans have been talking about a topic that has nothing to do with how the players handle the ball, but has to do with how they look on the field.

Iowa State University is notorious for their deep red, almost maroon, and gold colors. While the Cycolones in the past have sported their red jerseys with gold lettering and white pants on the field, this year, the school decided to lean into their colors more with their uniforms.

It was a great thought till we say what the uniform change looked like on camera.

Still sporting the red jerseys, they swapped out their pant color to highlight more gold with their uniforms, taking a walk down memory lane of past uniforms. However, gold from far away, that isn’t metallic, looks a whole lot like skin.

Leave it to the internet trolls to point that out, and QUICKLY during this week’s games.

@caroline_so_fine They look like they’re not wearing pants 😂 #collegefootball #funny #iowastate #footballuniform #footballtiktok ♬ I’ll Be Around (feat. Timbaland) (Radio Mix) – Cee-Lo

While the team did it to honor the 100th anniversary of Jake Trice, the player the stadium is named after, the bringing back of the 1923 uniforms was not publicized to viewers.

The more significant meaning behind the uniform change is an extraordinary way to honor such an integral player in Iowa State’s history. Once you learn that, you feel bad for laughing.

However, back in 1923, they weren’t worried about how TV cameras would pick up the color of uniform pants…. It makes sense why they swapped over to white bottoms for their standard uniforms.

@kentsports Iowa State will rock these 1923-inspired throwback uniforms for this weekend’s Jack Trice game #collegefootball #jacktrice #iowastatefootball #iowastatecyclones #uniswag #greenscreen ♬ original sound – KentSports

I mean, even ESPN made a video about how the pants looked like skin…

@espn 😂😂😂 #football #cfb #pants ♬ sad SpongeBob music – michael

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