Ram Gets Knocked Stiff By Headbutt, Gets Up And Continues Taking A Beating On Texas Ranch

Rams smash heads

This is why MMA has referees…

There’s few things that will bring on a headache faster than going down a rabbit hole watching bighorn sheep smash heads.

Two 300 plus pound creatures flying head on into each other and cracking skulls, I mean if that’s not a prime example of how cool and brutal nature can be, I don’t know what is.

According to Outdoor Happens, rams butt heads to determine which of the two is the most dominant, and therefore gets breeding rights to the nearby ewes. While this behavior can happen at anytime, it typically occurs during the rut, which takes place from October to January.

While some of the collisions aren’t too hard and seem to be done for play or practice, sometimes they are down right insane. We’re talking Ray Lewis with a slot receiver coming over the middle insane.

Case in point, this video from Ketterman Ranch in Burnet, Texas, an bird and exotic hunting lodge in the Texas Hill Country.

Two rams (they seem to be some exotic breed but I wasn’t able to find any specifics) squared up on a dirt road while some hunters watched close by.

Right from the jump, this looks to be different than most of the other battles I’ve seen because these guys began far apart, allowing them to get a heck of a running start before delivering the blow.

The problem was, only one of them took advantage of the runway…

One of the rams starts off screen but then comes sprinting at the other one who was standing in the middle of the road. Despite trying to muster up some strength and hit back, the running start was far too much for the late starter and he got knocked stiff, legs jutting straight out, and tumbled onto its back.

Seriously, this guy was out-cold.

If this was in the UFC it would be a one-punch KO and number one on the Top 10 Plays, but this isn’t a sporting event and the ram somehow gathered itself and was able to get back onto its feet and square up for round two.

Unfortunately, it didn’t go much better than the first time, although it stayed conscious and on its feet, although it met the attack with significantly less vigor than the first, despite the attacker again getting a massive running start.

The aggressor backed up again and began a third attack, ready to end this fight once and for all, but right before they made contact, the guy who got KO’d decided to cut his losses and give him the old olé, letting him fly right past. This allowed him to continue on about his life, but in a lower social class than before.

Truly, this was one of the hardest hits I’ve seen in nature, I mean the losing ram’s head must still be ringing.

Just another example of the impressive and brutal side of nature.

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