Luke Bryan Hilariously Stops Concert When He Realizes His Fly Is Open: “Why Did None Of You A**holes Tell Me?”

Luke Bryan country music

Nothing like having a wardrobe malfunction in front of 10,000 people.

Of course this one isn’t as bad as the most infamous wardrobe malfunction…you all know the one I’m talking about.

But Luke Bryan had a hilarious moment during a show recently when a fan tried to point out that his pants were unzipped in the middle of the show.

While performing “That’s My Kind of Night,” the fan was finally able to get Luke’s attention and tell him that his zipper’s been down for the entire show.

Now, Luke’s not easily embarrassed, but it seems like this one rattled him a bit as he zipped back up and stopped the show:

“My f*cking zipper has been down the whole time.

Thank you for telling me. Why did none of you a**holes tell me?”

Maybe some of the girls in the front row were hoping to get a peak at…never mind.

@cherylcowansLuke Bryans zipper was down. He realized halfway through the song. View from the front row♬ original sound – Cheryl Cowans

As much as I’m not a fan of his music, it seems like nobody has more fun at a Luke Bryan show than Luke Bryan. Videos from his concerts always show him having a good time onstage, laughing and joking with the crowd, and even stuffing beach balls up his shirt to…increase his bust size.

@hollydayon30a Luke Bryan is the best entertainer!! He always puts on an amazing show! 😍@LukeBryan #lukebryan #lukebryanconcert #onemargarita #fordcenter #fyp #nuthousefanclub #lukebryanfan #shorethingcigar ♬ original sound – Holly

Keep on partying Luke…even if you’re pushing 50.

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