Wisconsin College Football Photographer Takes An Errant Football Right To The Family Jewels

Wisconsin football

College football has been action-packed so far this season, and as this video proves, the action doesn’t ever stop, even when the football gets thrown out of play.

The Rutgers Scarlet Knights took on the Wisconsin Badgers earlier today, and though the Badgers ended up pulling out the win, one photographer that was on the sideline took an L.

You always hate to see stuff like this, but at the same time, it’s also always funny to see something like this. There’s something about a guy getting hit in the gonads that never gets old.

The Rutgers quarterback was rolling out to his left looking for a wide receiver in the end zone. Once he saw that nothing was there, he threw the ball away so his team could have another shot at a touchdown.

When he did though, one unfortunate photographer lost track of the pigskin, and the football skidded off the turf and bounced right into the guy’s family jewels.

Props to the guy for somehow managing to bring down his expensive camera gracefully as he fell down to the ground in a heap of pain.

The viral video was captioned:

“Can we get an injury update for the sideline photographer at the Badgers vs Rutgers game?

Thinking of you dude.”

As you might imagine, social media had all of the jokes in the reply section of the video, and felt no remorse making fun of the poor photographer:

And for those Simpsons fans out there, the whole thing might remind you of a famous clip from the show:

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A beer bottle on a dock