Bull Elk Rams Antlers Right Into The Side Of Car At Jasper National Park

Where I come from, a deer is more than likely going to run out in front of your car if you drive when the sun goes down. Or, you’re at least going to see a deer hanging out on the side of the road.

However, when you live in states like Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming, you don’t have to worry about the occasional deer. You have to worry about deer, elk, bears, moose, wolves, bison, and more.

And sometimes, they don’t even have to run into your car, you can just spot one on the road, stop in time, and it still results in a call to your insurance. This one went down at Jasper National Park in Jasper, Alberta, Canada.

In the video, you can see a white Nissan slowly driving down the road, noticing the majestic bull elk sitting off the road.

But, it’s the rut, and this means that these bulls are fired up, horny as hell, and looking to fight or f**k anything that moves. So, needless to say this bull wasn’t too thrilled when he noticed a car slowing down right in front of him.

And what does he do next? He lowers the antlers, and charges directly into the side of the car.

You can hear the woman in the background scream:


The bull appears to try and lower his antlers again, and that’s when the white car speeds off. Let this be a lesson to all future parkgoers…

Check it out:

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