This Angel Hernandez “Blind Umpire” Halloween Costume Deserves An Award

Angel Hernandez costume

You might not be a baseball fan, and that’s okay. All you need to know is that MLB Umpire Angel Hernandez is one of the worst to ever do it.

I’m not being harsh or unfair saying that. In fact, there are actually a lot of statistics that help support the statement that Hernandez is historically bad, and there’s a case to be argued that Angel should never call another game in the MLB.

An account by the name of “Umpire Auditor” actually does the thankless job of going through games and analyzing how many calls umpires miss and get right in order to rank them, and they had this to say about Hernandez:

“Angel Hernandez finished the regular season as the lowest rated umpire (min 10 games).

He didn’t get his start until August due to a back injury, but he racked up 161 bad calls in 10 games, including the lowest rated game.”

Angel’s run at the end of the MLB season was hellish (Heaven and Hell pun intended), and there’s a good chance that Hernandez won’t call a single game in the postseason.

I’d venture to say that this debacle back on September 28th with Philadelphia Phillies star Bryce Harper probably didn’t help his “let me call the postseason” case. Even the announcer calling the game had this to say about Angel:

“It just seems like every single time he is on the bases or behind the plate, there’s always an issue. It’s almost 100% of the time.”

And just for good measure, watch this quick “non-highlight reel” of Angel Hernandez being the best at being bad:

Hopefully you are still with me here. I know the headline says something about a Halloween costume, and you are probably thinking “when is this guy going to bring up Halloween?”

I felt as though you needed the proper context (or for those more baseball savvy readers, a reminder) in order to really understand and appreciate how great of a costume this is.

It’s simple, yet extremely effective. It doesn’t look like it cost much to throw together, yet it still makes Angel Hernandez pay the price. It’s a walking pun, and a tribute to the “I’m blind, I’m deaf, I want to be a ref” chant.

Without further ado, check out this legendary Angel Hernandez Halloween costume. This kid is really going places:

As you might imagine, social media was laughing their you-know-whats off at the Halloween get-up, and flooded the reply section with compliments:

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