Man Tries To Help Baby Geese Across Street, Rewarded With Embarrassing A** Kicking From Dad

Goose attack
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As hard as it is to believe, sometimes the best way to help is to do nothing at all.

Most people have something within their soul that wants to help others, and though that’s a good characteristic to have, it can sometimes get people that overstep in certain situations in trouble.

This guy was truly trying to be a good person, and ended up paying the price for it. To be honest, it’s really unfortunate, because he was definitely being a good Samaritan, but the gander didn’t give a damn about that.

A group of baby geese (also called goslings) were stuck on a median sitting right in the middle of a busy road. I’ll save the “why did the goose cross the road” jokes for another time, just so we can get to the meat of the story.

Someone that was driving by decided that he would get out of his car and help the goslings get across the rest of the roadway. A median is no place for a group of baby geese, so the guy was just trying to get them to a safer location.

In theory, that’s a nice thing to do, but he forgot about one of the golden rules of wildlife encounters: never mess with a mother. As he was attempting to stop traffic and guide the baby geese, mom and dad saw him as a threat (even though he was helping) and went on the offensive.

Geese, if you didn’t know, are just straight up evil. They will honk and wing the crap out of you any chance they get, and always walk around and act like they own the place. Males are much more aggressive than females, especially when young are around. With slightly larger necks, and a slight bigger frame, they tend to be the ones who go on the offensive when trouble starts.

The dad decided to full-on attack the man that was trying to help the goslings, and sent him falling right into the hot asphalt as he tried to flee from the bird.

After the guy while he was down, the goose continued to pour it on, which is pretty dirty as far as unofficial fighting rules go. Even after the man got his ass beat by the goose, he still tried to guide the group of geese off the median and into some grass on the other side.

Shoutout to the guy for his sticktuitiveness. I might’ve tried to help at first, but if I got attacked by one of the geese, I’d be out of there after that. The video was posted to X (formerly Twitter) with the caption:

“This guy was driving down a busy road when he noticed a group of baby geese stuck by the median.

Unfortunately, as he approached to help the animals, an older goose attacked and pushed him to the ground.”

Social media users simultaneously felt bad and felt as though the guy should have just left the geese alone in the reply section below the video:

I guess we can all learn a little bit from that last post…

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