A Philadelphia Phillies Fan Spent $4,500 On Beer For An Entire Section During Wild Card Game

Philadelphia Phillies beer

Postseason baseball is BACK, and the Philadelphia Phillies really celebrated October baseball last night.

The Phillies were matched up against the Miami Marlins in the Wild Card round of the MLB postseason, and in a best-of-three series, Philadelphia dominated and won the first two games.

In fact, every Wild Card series ended with sweeps, with none of the four matchups needing to go to a game three to determine who moves on to face the teams in baseball that got byes.

That meant that the party was on after the game for the Phillies, but there was also a pretty good vibe going on in the stadium during the game.

An anonymous fan decided to be a First Team, All-American fan and bought an entire section at Citizens Bank Park a round of beers. As you might imagine, that went over pretty well with the lucky fans that were gifted free alcohol.

One person in particular was happily announcing that it was a “bad day to be a Miller Lite” while he was having the time of his life:

Social media was loving the random act of kindness, and shared their appreciation and support, while also probably wishing that someone else would buy them a free beer:

And that wasn’t the only badass thing that came from the Phillies 7 to 1 win over the Marlins.

Four of those runs came with one swing of the bat, and some people are saying this is one of the best videos that baseball has ever produced:


The Phillies move on to take on the Atlanta Braves in the National League Divisional Series.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock