Lake Of The Woods Fisherman Hits A 2-For-1 When Big Pike Snatches His Walleye

Pike eats walleye

Given how hard it is for me to even catch one fish some days, this got me feeling a bit jealous.

Lake of the Woods is a large lake located on the border of Minnesota and Ontario, Canada. It’s the 6th largest fresh water lake located at least partially in the US (after the Great Lakes), containing 14,552 islands and boasting an enormous 65,000 miles of shoreline.

The lake is best known for incredible muskie fishing, but also houses a wide variety of species including Atlantic salmon, catfish, sturgeon, trout, whitefish, bass, walleye, and northern pike, the later two being the stars of this video taken last month.

Linda Russell was out fishing with some friends when one of the guys on the boat hooked up with a good sized walleye. Obviously, that’s a great enough feeling, but when he was reeling it in, something else grabbed on and made the fight much harder.

The video begins with the fish at the boat’s edge and we can see a big northern pike latched on to the backside of the walleye. The walleye was a good size and the pike was at least 3 times larger, not the biggest we’ve seen, but still an absolutely gorgeous fish.

Oddly enough, the people were more interested in getting a picture and video of the two fish rather than grabbing the net and trying to land the pike, which would have been my first thought, but given the location (and accents) there’s a good chance these guys are Canadians and just too nice to take credit for landing a fish this way.

Regardless, the commentary was incredible.

“Look at this now, holy mackerel! I’ve got a video. Look at that, eh? 

He won’t let it go…

That’s funny, eh?”

Gotta love it.

You never know what will go down on a day on the water. If you needed a sign to go fishing, let this be it.

Looks like she landed another the following day:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock