Koe Wetzel Delivers Beautiful Acoustic Cover Of The Randy Rogers Band Heartbreaker “I Miss You With Me”

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Koe Wetzel acoustic anything is my favorite.

Not long ago at a meet-and-greet during his current Road to Hell Paso tour, Koe played a beautiful stripped-back rendition of the Randy Rogers Band heater “I Miss You With Me.”

The solo write from Randy was first included as a bonus track on RRB’s 2004 Rollercoaster album, and I love hearing Koe dig deep into their catalog to pull out a sad country song like this.

It’s definitely reminiscent of the sound and some of the songs on his first album Noise Complaint, and in the video shared by a fan on TikTok, there was a comment that he might’ve mentioned during that performance he’ll be including a studio cover of it on his next album.

We know he’s been teasing that he’ll eventually put out a full-blown country album, though after the release of Hell Paso last year, Koe also said he feels like he finally perfected that unique blend of country, rock and grunge and wants to stick with that for the time being.

I don’t know if I’d hold my breathe on a studio cut of “I Miss You With Me” (though I would absolutely love if it does happen), but even still, I don’t know if I could love it more than this simple little rendition, honestly.

What I’d really love is to one day get a fully acoustic album of songs already in his catalog, as well as some covers like this:

@_srae When you forgot you got little gem at Koes meet & greet. Cant wait for his new music.🎵😍 @Koe Wetzel @Koe Wetzel Music #fyp #koewetzel #hellpasotour #mississippi #alabamagirl ♬ original sound – Shonda Rae Allen

And speaking of Koe and Randy, they were out at the Sonic Ranch with Wade Bowen writing for Koe’s next project back in February…

And seeing as it’s been over a year now since Hell Paso was released, it feels like we could potentially be getting close to some new music in near-ish future, so stay tuned for more.

Randy and Wade actually stopped by the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast not too long ago to talk about their new collaborative album Hold My Beer, Vol. 3. and of course their trip to the Sonic Ranch with Koe, so make sure you check that out while you’re here if you haven’t listened already for some insight on what they worked on.

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“I Miss You With Me”

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