Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen Are Back & Better Than Ever With ‘Hold My Beer Vol. 3’

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Cameron Gott

“Hold my beer and watch this” is a phrase that has often preceded poor decisions and prompted some pretty awesome stories, but it is also the phrase that inspired one of the best long running collaborations in Texas country music.

Originating back in 2016 with the release of their collaborative album Watch This, modern Texas country legends and close friends Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen have since teamed up for Hold My Beer, Vol. 2 in 2020, and have been known to tour together in tandem with their collaborative projects over the years.

Now, the iconic Rogers and Bowen duo has brought as the third edition of this collaboration, a six track EP titled Hold My Beer, Vol. 3. And while it may be a few tracks shorter than the previous two albums, I think this project may be their best yet.

You may have already heard the EP’s lead single “We Ain’t the Only Ones” that came out earlier this summer.

A beer drinking honky tonk tune that pays homage and perhaps pokes a little fun at their Texas country buddies and the industry as a whole, “We Ain’t the Only Ones” is a catchy and fun track that set the tone for the project, and now with the remaining five songs out, it’s safe to say the whole thing is a must listen for all Texas country fans.

Hold My Beer, Vol. 3, as one might expect given the artists behind it and the nature of the project, is a collection of cleverly written tracks that’ll make you laugh at times as well as evoke a feeling of nostalgia few other artists are capable of.

Either way, you’re going to want to crack open a Shiner Bock while you enjoy Rogers and Bowen’s latest collaborative project.

Here’s a few standouts:

“Shooting Hand” (Randy Rogers, Wade Bowen, Drew Kennedy)

“Well, I walked my sheriff’s star on over to the bar
And I ordered me a shooter and a beer
The town was nice and quiet, just the way I like
I was thinking I was in the clear…”

“It’s A Beautiful Day” (Randy Rogers, Wade Bowen, Aaron Raitiere)

“It’s a beautiful day for drinkin’
For hangin’ it up and not doin’ a thing
I’ve made up my mind and I’m thinkin’
It’s a beautiful day for drinkin’…”

“I Moved Into A Bar” (Randy Rogers, Wade Bowen, Taylor Phillips)

“I’m roommates with Jack, Jose, and Jim Beam
This tied on, getting her gone ain’t hard as it seems
Got all the proof I need she ain’t worth a broken heart
When she moved out, I moved into a bar…”

“Dumb Kids” (Randy Rogers, Wade Bowen, Allen Shamblin)

“We were just dumb kids
We were gonna do it all
Like some young desperados running from the law
So fast, so proud
So stupid, so loud
Just burning at both ends
We were just dumb kids…”

If you live in Texas and like what you heard, then you’re in luck, because Rogers and Bowen have also announced seven dates on which they’ll be taking their show across Texas this summer.

19 | College Station, TX – Hurricane Harry’s
20 | Lubbock, TX – Cook’s Garage
21 | Fort Worth, TX – Billy Bob’s Texas
22 | Fort Worth, TX – Billy Bob’s Texas

16 | Dallas, TX – House of Blues
18 | Corpus Christi, TX – Brewster Street Ice House
19 | Helotes, TX – John T. Floore’s County Store

Both Randy Rogers Band and Wade Bowen have dropped new albums recently as well, so if you haven’t given their new music a listen yet, check out my favorite tune from each album below while we’re on the subject.

“Picture Frames” – Randy Rogers Band – Homecoming (2022)

“Everything Has Your Memory” – Wade Bowen – Somewhere Between the Secret and the Truth (2022)

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A beer bottle on a dock