Atlanta Braves Announce “Triple Glazed Donut Chicken Sandwich” As Postseason Menu Item

Atlanta Braves chicken sandwich
Atlanta Braves

The MLB postseason is officially underway, where the 162 games that are played over an incredibly long amount of time culminate in a competition of “who can win the most games in a short amount of time.”

I’ve always thought the postseason for the major leagues was kind of weird, you know? You play all those games from March to September, and then you get thrust into a format that is a lot more compact in comparison to determine who the best team is.

In reality, the team who wins the World Series isn’t always the greatest team in baseball, but rather just the team that got hot at the right time and rallied to win. Granted, you have to do well enough in the regular season to get to the postseason, though once you do, it’s anyone’s game.

One of the big storylines so far in this year’s MLB postseason is the low attendance at some of the Wild Card games happening…right now. These games are played in the middle of the day, during a weekday, and fans are given maybe two or three days notice for when they will be, yet the MLB still can’t figure out why no one is going.

Maybe the Tampa Bay Rays should have done what the Atlanta Braves are doing and create a postseason concessions menu that makes people say “I’ve gotta go try that.”

The pro baseball team in Atlanta should be able to draw fans in anyways with their exciting team, but just in case, they are rolling out some absolutely absurd menu items.

One that has really gotten the attention of social media is their “Chicken Ain’t Nothing But a Bird Blue,” which in all reality should just be called the “Triple Donut Fried Chicken Heart Attack.” The towering sandwich is described as:

“Double stack fried wet lemon pepper chicken breasts sandwiched between three glazed donuts and southern angry green tomatoes, finished with peach bourbon coulis and powdered sugar.”

Do all of those flavors actually go together? I’m a little skeptical…

You might think differently, though I do think it would take a special type of person to try and tackle this during a baseball game:

Those that saw the sandwich online weren’t sure about the creative, borderline insane culinary creation. They shared their thoughts and comments in the reply section below, saying:

Pairing it with a Diet Coke? The American way…

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