Girl Gets Drilled In The Face By Field Goal At Auburn-Georgia Game

Auburn field goal

I’ll never forget being a kid, and sitting behind one of the end zones at a Clemson football game.

During pregame warm ups and at halftime, the kickers would come onto the field and kick practice field goals, and it was the most fun thing ever to try and catch one of the footballs that sailed into the stands.

Of course, we couldn’t keep the footballs and always had to throw them back, but when you’re a kid and catch one of those footballs kicked into the stands you feel like the king of the world.

However, as you get older, you really don’t care about this anymore, and are more focused on the actual game than you are the kickers during warmups. But, you always have to keep your head on a swivel when you’re sitting in one of the end zones, because you never know when one of those footballs could come screaming at you…

And for this girl, she had to learn this one the hard way.

This one went down at Jordan-Hare Stadium this past Saturday, when the Auburn Tigers took on the Georgia Bulldogs.

I’m not sure if this was during pregame warmups or at halftime, but you can see a football fly straight through the uprights, and nail a girl in the stands straight in the dome.

You can see it on her face… the girl is in pure shock.

I just hope she had a little bit of a buzz going, so it didn’t hurt as bad.

And where was her dude on this? Guy sitting right next to her can’t stick his hand up and block the football? Maybe if he had his sunglasses on his face instead of the back of his head, he would’ve seen it coming.

This wasn’t the only L this girl took, though, because Auburn lost to the number one ranked Bulldogs in a heartbreaker 27-20.

Check it out:

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